Sustainable Water | The use of bottled water in the world

Global bottled water consumption

This is a map of the world as seen trough a bottle of water . The dimension of the countries is in fact stretched following their per capita consumption of bottled water.

The map shows a high consumption of bottled water in the industrialised countries, where there is high quality tap water. The large Asian countries of China and India have a relatively small size, because of their very low per capita consumption of bottled water. In the same way, the poorest countries almost disappear from this map together with the driest regions of the world, where bottled water consumption may be needed most. The inequalities can be understood better looking at those countries where people do not have access to safe water which is shown in the following map; this is where better water supplies would be needed most.

Poor water distribution
The majority of people living in Western World has access to safe water, but only 50% of people living in Central Africa can do this. The largest population without access to safe tap water is in China: that is the 25% of the population.
Worldwide 18% of people have no safe drinking water.

It is interesting to compare this map with the map of global population and of the distribution of GDP.

Global population map
GDP distribution map 2010

It is immediate to notice that the consumption of bottled water closely match the map of GDP distribution on the world and not the one of population distribution.

This is definitely something to think about. Bottled water is in same way a luxury, especially if we think at all the people that do not have access to clean water in the world.

The maps on this page have been created by Benjamin Hennig and the worldmapper team. They are property of the SASI Research Group (University of Sheffield). Shared under the Creative Commons conditions of the website. 


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