Sustainable Waste | The waste of holidays

Today I’d like to share a couple of nice infographics on the impact of holidays on our waste production. My intention is not to make anyone feel nervous or guilty about what he/she has been doing in the past, neither to say that you shouldn’t celebrate with family and friends festivities. I am a strong protector of holiday spirit and I am already looking forward Christmas. Anyway, I think if we can all be a little more responsible about how and what we buy and trash during holiday we would have a better world.

For example, to you tear apart your gift wrap or you carefully open it [to save the paper]? The second option might sound very cheap, but I remember always doing it since I was a child because my mum taught me [she is a master in savings and reducing consumption] and almost not having to buy wrapping paper at all.

Holiday Waste


Holiday Waste – An infographic by Visual Academy

What A Waste – An infographic by the team at General Waste Collection


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