Sustainable Christmas | An upcycled advent calendar


Good morning everybody! How did your weekend start? Mine doesn’t look like the best in the last year because it’s since Thursday I am fighting with a terrible cold. But it doesn’t matter… The program therefore is: bed, honey, ginger and lemon tea [a lot of…!], movies, and hopefully ice-cream if I can find the strength of going out of the house to go to the store.

Anyway it the 1st of December!!!! Are you excited!??! The countdown for Christmas has started and in the next days I would like to share with you some Christmas decoration made with recycled materials so that your Christmas can be a little more sustainable too! Today I am sharing the advent calendar I prepared for my family. It’s little, sweet, and not too stuffed with chocolate [they always say they can’t eat all the chocolate I give them! Can you believe it?] And it takes a couple of hours to make, so you are probably still in time if you do it today!

I haven’t invented anything, anyway. I saw this amazing idea on SweetPaul magazine [page 96 & page 98 for the ‘how to’] and thought I would do it myself for this Christmas. I choose to change the color of the yarn and button, because my Christmas this year will be all in black/white with wood and gold accent!! Have fun doing your advent calendar!









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  1. tiffany267 ha detto:

    The calendar is cute, but the best thing about your post is that you treat your cold without the help of Big Pharma! We don’t need chemically processed drugs (especially prescriptions) for simple seasonal conditions. I always use the same remedies you mentioned – except the ice cream, which unfortunately always seems to worsen my congestion.

    Mi piace

    1. Monica Pianosi ha detto:

      Hi Tiffany, thank you very much for you comment. I do try not to overuse medicine. I believe we are stronger if we not use them every time we feel a bit down. I had lots of ginger and honey, and propolis has been my best friend!

      Mi piace

  2. Home Seasons ha detto:

    Lovely idea! Love the cute little button! Stay warm and have a Happy Holidays!

    Mi piace


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