Environmental quote of the day

‘I worried that letting countries buy the right to pollute would be like letting people pay to litter. We should try to strengthen, not weaken the moral stigma attached to despoiling the environment … [and] I continue to think that in addressing this question most economists miss the crucial point: norms matter. In deciding how best to get global action on climate change, we have to cultivate a new environmental ethic, a new set of attitudes toward the planet we share. We’re unlikely to foster the global cooperation we need if some countries are able to buy their way out of meaningful reductions in their own energy use’

(Sandel, 2009)

Sandel, M. (2009) ‘Reith Lecture No 1: Markets and Morals’ [online]. Available from: http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/rmhttp/radio4/transcripts/20090609_thereithlectures_marketsandmorals.rtf [Accessed 8th April 2013]



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