Ristorante Bazaaar Torino

Un menù totalmente dedicato a vegani e vegetariani!


Enoteca Bordò Torino

Un’enoteca nel cuore di Torino che accoglie veggie e meat lovers e riscalda con i suoi dolci e vini

We’ve been shortisted!!!

I have a great news to share with you today! I’ve participated with a colleague of mine, Anna Strzelecka, from DMU to a competition from the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition which was asking for solutions for reducing our environmental impact, guaranteeing health and food accessibility for all. (here you can access the full call)…

World Environment Day :: 5th June 2013

Today it the World Environment Day, an annual event aimed to celebrate positive environmental action organised by UNEP [the United Nations Environmental Program], and this year’s theme is Think.Eat.Save. It concentrates on the idea of reducing food waste and food loss to reduce individual and aggregated footprint. According to FAO, every year 1.3 billion tonnes of food…

Environmental quote of the day

‘I worried that letting countries buy the right to pollute would be like letting people pay to litter. We should try to strengthen, not weaken the moral stigma attached to despoiling the environment … [and] I continue to think that in addressing this question most economists miss the crucial point: norms matter. In deciding how…

Environmental quote of the day

The key difference in my relationship to climate change, and to the tsunami or an earthquake, is that I am partially responsible for the first and not at all responsible for the second. (Dobson 2007) Dobson, A. 2007 ‘Environmental citizenship: towards sustainable development’, Sustainable Development 15(5): p.276–285.

Environmental quote of the day

The citizen that sorts her garbage or that prefers ecological goods will often do this because she feels committed to ecological values and ends. The citizen may not, that is, act in sustainable ways solely out of economic or practical incentives: people sometimes choose to do good for other reasons than fear (of punishment or…

Environmental quote of the day

Environmental citizenship is a personal commitment to learning more about the environment and to taking responsible environmental action. Environmental citizenship encourages individuals, communities and organizations to think about the environmental rights and responsibilities we all have as residents of planet Earth. Environmental Citizenship means caring for the Earth.  Environment Canada 2004

Environmental quote of the day

The environment literally helps define the organism, and the organism literally helps define the environment. If this is the case, to care for one’s environment truly is to care for oneself. Michaels and Carello 1981